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Cat Stands

By guest blogger, Hilary Shirk. Cats belong in the jungle… the jungle gym of their dreams! Meee-ow. What if you bring your precious pet their very own customized cat stand jungle gym? Only a cat owner knows their feline’s unique mannerisms, habits and preferences. So only you could be the one to help FAB PDX […]

Let’s Get Exotic

Purple Heart is not only a noted medal for bravery awarded by the US Military, but it is also a beautiful exotic hardwood varietal! We recently worked on a project that called for the use of this unique vibrant species of wood, and I was so lucky to be able to watch this wood come […]

The Importance of Craftsmanship

One time I (Emily) built a table. I had no clue what I was doing, but I just knew I could figure it out. At the time, I was in a college sculpture class, so I had full access to a shop with all the right tools. I didn’t know what I was doing, and […]

The 3d Process

Hello, Heather here, the FAB PDX 3d Artist and Designer. I’ve been with the FAB since mid-April and have enjoyed my time here greatly. I get a lot of questions about how I do things, and what methods I use when creating the 3d images we show our clients, so here is a brief summary. […]

The Design Bug

Having great product idea is delightful—it is fun to imagine how it will work, what it will look like and how it will be used. But, to be able to take that great idea, turn it into a design and then be able to follow up with the actual creation and prototyping of the product […]

The Three R’s

Making stuff is coming back into style. After a long hiatus, appreciation for the art of craft it seems has returned in the form of a desire for home produced custom goods. Americans are waking up to a new old dream of custom manufacture but with a sustainable twist. Local is the name of the […]

Launch Party

Good times were had at our Launch party on March 12th! Those of you who didn’t make it really missed out on an excellent evening filled with great entertainment, fantastic food and many interesting people. The party was a chance for us to say “hi” to our neighbors, “thank you” to our existing clients and […]

TED Lecterns

So, who knew a tapered aluminum tube was so hard to make! I didn’t! But, upon our assignment (seven custom lecterns for Ted Conferences) we got to work figuring out just how to accomplish this task that many metal fabricators found impossible. Our team put their heads together to figure out just how to complete […]

And We Climb!

Climbing a mountain is only half as hard if there is already a path to the top. Starting a new business is like looking up at the peak of the tallest mountain you have ever seen and trusting you will make it to the peak–you hope there will be a paved path to the top, […]

Now open / Outdoor Retail Show

Well we did it! We opened up our doors in Portland! We found the perfect spot down in the semi-industrial arts district in SE Portland. We have an old building with huge archaic support beams and a wide open space for creativity! (You should all come check it out!) Right off the bat, we got […]